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stephan morrow








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Production Assistant


new york city

stage manager for new play




Looking for an assistant to a director for a new play at Theater for the New City which will then be shot as an independent film in NY. (last film I made was Dogmouth written by John Steppling which won 7 awards and was the Official Selection of 10 festivals. Now available on Amazon Prime. Great learning experience for someone who wants to learn how Kazan worked both in theater and film. You can't pay for this kind of learning experience and I"m charging nothing. But I would like somewone who is committed, intelligent, and inspired by the great works either on stage or on film. re: Sreetcar named Desire (Williams), After the Fall (MIller), Shepard. The production runs for six perfs. at TNC 155 - 1St Ave @10St. from Aug 25 - Sept 15. specific dates TBA. And it would be invaluable experience to assist in the casting process and rehearsal period. casting : July 10 - July 30. Rehearsal Aug 1 - Aug 26.
for " The Assassination of J.Kaisaar, the Destruction of Marco T and Kleopatra and the Rise of Emperor Augustus" (a modern day adaptation set in a dystopian future like Mad Max - and with American lingo so it's as if Tony Soprano Meets the Road Warrior. Hopefully, we will reach a younger demographic with simpler language that focuses on the narrative.
The theme of the play is that political assassination can have unintended consequences and should be considered as the least effective solution to political conflict – if at all – if a free citizenry is valued above all else. re: the Assassins of Caesar thought they were rescuing the Republic from Caesar who was close to naming himself king but by eliminating him the conspirators brought in the rise of Octavius who would go on to become Emperor Augustus, hence the days of the Republic where men decided their own fates had ended and a massive empire rose with a totalitarian ruler at its head. So if freedom is a cherished value than civic discourse must be preserved.


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