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John Irwin








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Art Department


Los Angeles

Production Designer




I'm directing an 8-page short film I wrote (thriller/sci-fi) that is based on an already written feature I'm set to direct. This short will stand on its own and we'll get to show it around at festivals but its purpose is also to raise the last funding we need for the feature to get green lit. I realize it's an enormous ask for a talented production designer to be willing to collaborate on a small project like this for such a low flat fee. Having been here, scraping by in Los Angeles, I understand the value of people's time and I mean no disrespect. I of course offer expenses, meals and kit fee reimbursement.

I am paying the entirety of the short's budget out of pocket and am confident with a tiny but solid and talented crew, we can make something beautiful and do-able on limited time. I have carefully crafted the script so that the pressures are as small as they can be for a film that will have maximum impact. I frequently have other projects coming in that have proper budgets and of course, I would hope that we can continue collaborating when those come along. Please take a look at my website to see some of my recent directing work. If you think our sensibilities match well and you're up for a fun challenging 1 (maybe 2) day shoot on a weekend in October, I would love to hear from you. Then, I can properly pitch you the short, my plans for it, and what I already have ready. That way we can discuss the project more and you can make a final decision about your involvement. Please send any links and reels. Thanks for your time.


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