WHO IS WHO | pt.4


(pt.1 - production department | pt.2 - camera department | pt.3 - grip and lighting department)

I see a lot of people (both student filmmakers and big studio HR departments) posting film jobs online with wrong, weird or sometimes almost hilarious requirements and descriptions. I saw ADs being asked for reels, PDs expected to know everything from smithing to carpentry, VFX artists for five years of experience in apps that only existed for two or Script Supervisors for portfolios of BTS photography. This becomes frustrating, especially when you are the right person for the job, it's just that the "job" doesn't realize it. Well, let's learn together. This will be a series of posts about different departments, jobs within each of the departments and some brief description of each (as extensive as I could make it, so if you want to add/update something - use comment section below and I will keep this list live and up to date).

Today we are talking about Sound.


PRODUCTION SOUND MIXER - responsible for making sure that the dialogue on set has been recorded as cleanly as possible. Sound mixer also plans out placement of planted microphones, attaches lavs to actors (or directs the assistant to do it) as well as sets up music playback if it is required by the scene.

UTILITY SOUND TECHNICIAN - or sometimes a sound assistant, trainee or Utility for short, is the person who prepares all of the peccary sound equipment, helps Sound Mixer with set ups of the microphones, assists talent with lavs. Sound Assistants also label and store recorded material as well as wrangle cables for the boom operator if necessary.

BOOM OPERATOR - responsible for getting the best possible quality of sound with the use of a Boom Mic - a microphone attached to the end of a long pole. Boom operator makes sure to plan out their movement during blocking to get clear sound without getting in the frame.

A lot of people have responded to my previous articles with very insightful and constructive commentary and their suggestions and updates have been implemented. Thank you!

Updates and feedback for the article provided by:

Ada Douglass

We will be posting other departments very soon, so stay tuned and make sure to comment below if you have any additions to this, I would love to hear from you and update this article to help people out. Don't forget to hit a like button and share your stories of ridiculous employment descriptions




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